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E-mail from Ofcom following recent Exam passes

Following the recent exam we were informed by 2EØUBD that there was an error on the Ofcom licence application page.  This is generic text for all applications and having looked at the screenshot I decided to inform Ofcom.  I called them to explain and was informed to put it into writing to them.  Thanks to Dan for pointing the error out.

What a nightmare that was!  Several emails later and I was informed as below;

Thank you for your email. The regional indicator is only issued at the time of the licence as it is determined by the users area. The indicator is an addition to the call sign that is issued, the call sign will always remain the same, however a regional indicator can be varied. Kind Regards,

Not liking the response I replied with a very short email expressing that as Lead Instructor of SARC, I know what the curriculum states and that the image that I sent them is in fact still incorrect and should be updated.  This is the response received today.

Thank you for your reply. Firstly, please accept our apologies for the delay in responding. Having checked the online portal we can indeed agree that there appears to be a discrepancy with the example of the call sign format. This has since been raised with our I.S. team who are currently working on correcting this. Thank you once again for bringing this to our attention. Kind regards


Callsign error M3WUUJ instead of MW3UUJ

Callsign error M3WUUJ instead of MW3UUJ

If anyone else is applying for a new callsign in the near future it would be nice to see if they have rectified the error.  It appears at the centre of the image on the far right hand side.



One Response to “E-mail from Ofcom following recent Exam passes”

  1. Eddie 26 March, 2014 at 13:32 #

    Well spotted Dan!

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