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Member News 1416

Planning is taking place for the next RAYNET event which we are assisting with on April 27th, as soon as the brief is complete it will be mailed to all participants.  Anyone that is interested and hasn’t already let us know send an email and we will include you in the event, don’t worry about not knowing anything, we will place you with people that have done these events before.

We are still waiting on possible numbers for a buildathon, so far we only have three confirmed names.  Get registering, the date will have to change to accommodate orders.  http://mx0gzd.org/events/sarc-buildathon-event-2014/

Welcome to Clive from Derby who has just started his foundation course.

Club meetings have taken a pause due to lack of space at the new place, any suggestions from members welcome.

Tom has been in touch after building the first ARDF transmitter, how are the guys doing that already have receivers?


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