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What did you do for amateur radio in 2014…?

More importantly what are you going to do  for amateur radio in 2015?


To misquote John Fitzgerald Kennedy “Ask not what your club can do for you; ask what you can do for your club.”

What would you like to happen, you personally? What drove you to study for your foundation/intermediate/full licence? Why did you put in the time and effort, sweating over mock papers, sweating over a hot soldering iron, sweating as you turned on your first dc circuit or that required project piece?

What drew you into amateur radio? Was it the thought of sitting on top of a hill with stunning views after dragging all your equipment up with you so you could make contact with who knows who? Do you fancy going lightweight with a 4W 2m handie to achieve improbable distances or do you fancy a quick chat with another summit in Europe or further afield on HF?

Not your cup of tea? How about being on TV maybe with FSTV or possibly something a little slower with SSTV? Does your passion sit squarely in the middle of a mass of 0s and 1s? Do you fancy shifting some frequencies or teletyping? What do you want to do?

Are you interested in IOTA, CASHOTA, JOTA, YOTA or SOTA (yes I know I’ve mentioned it already but I needed the extra letters), what is it that gives you that tingle? Do you want to call DX or talk WX on a net, SSB, CW, FM, DV or EME? What do you want to make happen?

Do you just want to sit in a field with other club members and call out to the world and see who comes back to you? Is this field near a nice little pub with good food and even better beer, somewhere you can sit and talk about your newest contact before you return to the operator’s chair and call CQ again? What do you want to make happen, at the end of the day what do you want to look back on and think “I made that happen and we enjoyed it”?

Why did you become an amateur radio operator and what are you going to do for amateur radio this year?

Think about it then tell us here. It’s up to you, you are after all the club…

One Response to “What did you do for amateur radio in 2014…?”

  1. M0EPR 15 February, 2015 at 20:28 #

    Great article Psi, we just need to get other members to follow suit and write some articles too. Maybe even start a shack os the Month as we previously discussed. I will bring it up at during the next meeting.

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