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Ben’s Progress In Africa

Just a reminder that M6CIS is updating his Journal on his travels.  Ben joined SARC with the intention on completing his Mø call, due to work commitments and his trans-African trip he was only able to sit the M6 exam.  Time permitting, Ben hopes to study for the  Advanced while he is away and on return to the UK sit the exam followed by the next available Advanced Exam.  ethiopiaFor the time being his own words sum up the importance, determination and dedication to his cause.

As you might expect, doing something like this isn’t cheap. Over the past year, I’ve done (and winced at) the calculations more times than I care to count. I’m determined to fund the entire trip myself, and over the past year I’ve put as much as I can from my locum shifts towards this. It’s still going to be tight, but I reckon with a bit of discipline and a lot of luck, I might get away without putting too much on the credit card…

Ben is fundraising for Cancer Research UK, donations can be made through his website Hermines.  SARC will be making a contribution on behalf of the members, check out his site on how to make a donation.


SARC wishes Ben the best of luck with the remainder of his trans-African Trip, and good luck with the exams once you return from South Africa.

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