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For all QRPers

Received this post on the ft3k forum group.

Off topic – I am sorry. I have been off the air for 15 years – decided to get back into it – the TS870S served me well, but I decided to reward myself with the FTDX-3000. Love it. Run it barefoot to a vertical. I’ll get a yagi up one day – just don’t have the real estate for it. So far, my log is all DX.

What happened the last 15 years?? I know they lowered the licensing requirements, but I am not talking about that.. EVERYBODY is running linear amplifiers 1K – 2K. Two nites ago I actually heard some LID calling in a DX pile up, signing “QRP” – QRP means 5 watts or less, so the DX station told everyone to hold for the QRP. He then tells of his station of 100 watts to a 4 ele monobander up 75 feet. The DX station mentioned that QRP was low power and he replies “I am running low power – 100 watts! everyone else runs a couple of thousand” My god.


Enough said.

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